Quality homes for our customers

Building high quality, affordable homes for our customers is really important to us and our Development team do an excellent job of helping us achieve this.

12th Jan 2021 - Developments

While building as many new homes as possible is a key part of our corporate plan, ensuring they’re high quality and safe, with excellent access to local amenities such as schools and employment, is really important to us too.

We regularly ask our customers to take part in a new homes survey to find out what they think of both the home they live in and the location to understand where improvements can be made.

For the past 18 months we have received some fantastic survey results and last quarter, we were really proud to achieve:

  • 100% satisfaction from customers who said they were happy with the quality of their home
  • 92% satisfaction with the service we provided throughout the whole process

The high quality of our new homes is also echoed in our post-completion defects statistics, which show that during the one-year rectification period, we are receiving 0.5 defects less per unit when compared to this time last year. On top of this, we’re currently experiencing the lowest levels of defects in our new home since we started reporting on them in 2017.

This is a great achievement and one which we're really proud of.