Who we are

As a Profit for Purpose organisation we invest every penny we make back into growing our business, improving our services and investing in our staff.

We are Midland Heart...

We’re a Profit for Purpose provider of social housing, registered with the Regulator of Social Housing in England (RSH).

As a business with charitable and social purposes, we strive to be an ethical, transparent and accountable organisation.  We have adopted and comply with the National Housing Federation's code of conduct, as the Code against which we measure our governance practices to provide governance assurance to Stakeholders. We have an additional independent Code of Conduct which outlines our values and the standards of behaviour we expect from our Midland Heart colleagues, and also from our Board and Committee Members.

Each year we publish a Value for Money report to evidence that we are efficient in our spending, so that we are in a position to continue to invest in homes and communities, and in so doing, fulfill our social purpose.  We also publish a breakdown of the categories of our expenditure as we wish to be transparent about how we spend our money.

Residents are actively involved in the governance of our business with customers sitting on our two customer facing board committees, as well as customers being involved in scrutinising aspects of the delivery of our customer services and in the procurement of goods and services.  Customer involvement is key to us improving our services and we support and train our customers to ensure they can play an active and effective role in helping and challenging management to continually improve our services.

Our Partnerships

We are founder members of West Midlands Housing Association Partnership which aims to support the West Midlands Combined Authority and the elected Mayor to deliver on their social and economic objectives for the region. Our aim is to:

Support economic growth

Boost housing supply and home ownership

Improve health and wellbeing

The West Midlands Housing Association Partnership (WMHAP) brings together more than 30 housing associations from across the region. Speaking with a single voice on key issues, members own and manage a combined total of over 120,000 homes here in the West Midlands.

Our members bring a wide range of housing expertise that include building and managing homes of multiple tenures to meet local need. We provide homes for every stage of life, from those needing to find their first home, to quality housing for older people with care available as and when needed.

Keep up to date with the latest news from the partnership here.