Our impact

The impact we have on our climate, and the world we choose to leave for future generations has become the defining issue of our age.

While we've worked for many years to reduce our energy consumption, become more sustainable and limit our impact on the environment, it's clear that we need a new, more ambitious plan to meet the scale of the challenge we all now face.

Our new, more ambitious carbon reduction plan focuses on reducing the impact every aspect of our organisation has on the environment, committing us to becoming a carbon neutral landlord by 2050.

Our actions will focus on the homes we rent, the homes we build and the way we work.

Carbon footprint

Our first step has been to benchmark our carbon footprint. To make sure that this work was as robust as possible, we looked not only at the carbon emissions of our direct assets, but also at our supply chain and supporting activities. As a result of this work, we believe we emit circa 133,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per annum.

Our carbon footprint is broken down into two main areas; the energy used by our 35,000 homes which makes up the majority of our carbon footprint and the way we work, including the services we deliver and the products we procure. Our plan will focus on reducing the carbon created by these two elements as well as ensuring that our new build homes are as sustainable as possible.

Future Homes Standard

Project 80

A research and development programme exploring different solutions and technologies to model the Future Homes Standard, while building new homes and lowering costs for our customers.