Our impact

Becoming a sustainable business

We've turned our attention to our next Green Strategy, which is due to launch before the end of 2020. Our new strategy will provide a step change in our environmental credentials and see us significantly reduce our carbon footprint and the waste we produce.

We've done much over the last few years in these areas through our work to build new homes to high environmental standard, reduce the waste in our offices and increase our use of renewable energy. However, we believe now is the time to set ourselves new, more ambitious goals.

We've calculated our current carbon footprint, which has been independently verified, and we are in the process of setting ambitious but realistic targets that we can start improving straightaway.

Our new Green Strategy will see us work to reduce the carbon footprint across every part of our organisation including how we procure goods and services, our housing operations, the way our colleagues commute and perform their duties and the energy efficiency of our homes.

The success of our Green Strategy, like that of any other organisation, is reliant on the enthusiasm and discipline of our colleagues. We will all need to change the way we work to deliver on the scale of improvements we want to make. To ensure that colleagues are committed to delivering this strategy we have spent months talking to them about what they want to see improved, their ideas on how to make things better and why they want to make these improvements.

During the weeks ahead we will discuss our final targets, investment plans and improvements we will make with staff and officially launch our new strategy later this year.