Midland Heart publishes latest Safeguarding Report

Midland Heart shares its annual Safeguarding Report for the 2022/2023 period.

9th Feb 2024 - Corporate news

The report is the fourth of its kind, shared by the organisation each year as part of its dedication and commitment to safeguarding and making this a priority among colleagues.

Midland Heart is reporting a 10% increase in safeguarding cases in the last 12 months, with self-neglect, domestic, physical and psychological abuse among the most common root causes of safeguarding interventions. The report outlines some of the actions the organisation has taken to strengthen processes and address this uplift in cases.

These actions include:

  • Delivering specialist training from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), empowering frontline colleagues to confidently spot the signs of harm or abuse
  • Working closely with care providers in Retirement Living Plus schemes to ensure consistent, safe working practices
  • A rollout of bespoke eLearning for Midland Heart colleagues, around the importance of safeguarding.

Following a review of some of the most concerning safeguarding cases, the organisation has developed a ‘HomeChecker’ form, used to highlight any safeguarding concerns that arise during a property visit, so these can be addressed, and the necessary support provided.

In 2022, the organisation appointed Peter Cheer as Independent Chair of its Safeguarding Board. Peter, alongside an internal Safeguarding Ambassador Group, has been working to champion the focus on safeguarding within the organisation and deliver positive outcomes for the most vulnerable Midland Heart tenants.

It’s been great to work with an organisation that has such a strong commitment to all aspects of safeguarding. I’ve been particularly impressed with the creation and success of the HomeChecker form and the way it makes safeguarding part of the everyday role of every Midland Heart colleague who has contact with tenants.

Peter Cheer, Independent Chair of the Safeguarding Board at Midland Heart