An innovative approach to triple glazing, in collaboration with Lutley Windows

We have collaborated with Lutley Windows to complete our first triple glazing installation.

9th Feb 2023 - Corporate news

As part of our 2021 Carbon Reduction Plan, which outlines our journey to zero carbon, we have committed to ensuring 60% of our properties achieve a minimum of EPC C by 2025 in the homes we rent, including carrying out major retrofitting works in eligible properties.

As we continue to make improvements to the homes we rent, the homes we build, and the way we work, we want to explore innovative solutions and combine new initiatives with existing practices, with retrofit becoming a business as usual approach to making our homes more energy efficient and net zero ready.

We’re taking an incremental approach to retrofit, positively impacting our homes and knowing that each measure we take is moving our properties closer to ‘net zero ready’ – to meet the government target of net zero by 2050 we need to take action today.

One of the actions we are taking, is to build a unique approach to install triple glazing in our homes.

We have collaborated with double glazing installation and repair company, Lutley Windows Ltd, who specialise in quality, bespoke installations for a wide variety of double glazing products. As one of our existing suppliers for repairs, Lutley Windows have a great relationship with Midland Heart as well as an advanced knowledge of our properties.

In December 2022, we completed our first triple glazing installation at Dartmouth Street. The property had an EPC of E53 prior to works being carried out, and following an installation of five windows, achieved an EPC of C70, 8 years ahead of our 2025 deadline. Equivalent to an approximate saving of 1.5 kg carbon emissions each year. This is just one of several properties that are already achieving the desired EPC rating of C or above.

But this is not just regular triple glazing.

This industry and domestic housing first, will see a first batch of 139 properties receive energy efficient triple glazing part of business as usual that pre-empts any EWI works required to get each home to net zero.

Together Midland Heart, Lutley Windows and frame manufacturer REHAU are leading the sector to make triple glazing an affordable retrofit measure to support the Government’s EPC targets.

Director of Lutley Windows Ltd, Mark Taylor, commented: “Lutley Windows and REHAU have worked in partnership with Midland Heart Planned & Environmental Team to supply a high performance triple glazing unit with a U-Value of 0.8W/m2 which does not require any additional changes to the building fabric. This solution has benefitted under-performing properties, driving up the performance of these homes in line with 2025 and 2030 targets.

“We’re committed to providing a genuinely affordable, high performance product to all of our customers, and a key benefit of this fabric first approach is that it can be delivered within existing programmes, with no inconvenience to the client or customer.”

This exciting collaboration with Lutley Windows and REHAU to bring an affordable and approved product into the market, without requirement to replace before 2050, demonstrates how working in partnership with our supply chain can help create positive change. We are confident that the actions we are taking will not only help bring our properties closer to net zero, but ensure we continue to deliver the right products to our homes, making a difference to both our customers and the external environment.

Rob Kraska, Head of Assets & Delivery, Midland Heart

We’re combining conventional approaches with innovative technologies to bring lower carbon and energy efficient and affordable measures to our existing homes. We’ve received positive feedback from our residents, both around the high standard of work completed and the effectiveness of triple glazing in reducing their energy usage and keeping them warm in their homes.

Ms Rhoda Wilson, who was one of the first of our customers to receive this triple glazing, commented: “I’m so happy with my new windows, they’ve made such a difference to the temperature of my home, so much so that my family and friends have started coming over all the time as it’s so warm inside! I’ve even seen a reduction in the amount of outside noise coming through, I don’t hear anything at all now!”

As we continue to invest in our homes, we remain committed to carrying out the actions as recommended in our journey to net zero, and making positive change that benefits our customers, communities and the wider environment.