Project 80

We’re really proud to be leading this pioneering project, working alongside our partners, and welcoming new residents to this unique development.

What is Project 80?

The UK has set a legally binding target to bring all its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Construction is a big contributor to this, so the Government will introduce new Building Standards, known as the Future Homes Standard, in 2025.

These developments are believed to be the first of its kind in the country and the average home will have 80% less carbon emissions than one built now.

Our ambition is that Project 80 can understand key methods, building types and technologies that can be used to meet the standard. Based on that understanding, we aim to create key considerations around successfully meeting the standard, which will be both useful to us and the wider industry.

Tony Hopkin, Head of Construction and Quality

With Project 80, we are:

  • Identifying the information requirements of our residents along with the most suitable method of disseminating that information
  • Evaluating the performance of different products and technologies (both technically and from a user perspective)
  • Understanding design principles that work well and should be adopted as standard
  • Limiting any problems to a controlled environment and establishing what changes need to be made to overcome them, to avoid them becoming the norm in 2025
  • Establishing methods to ensure value for money whilst maintaining performance
  • Allowing us to make Future Homes decisions based on rigorous empirical evidence

The houses look like traditional brick construction however, the methods of construction and the materials used have been innovatively developed and applied to improve the thermal efficiency of the properties.

Chris Miller, Director of Development, at Midland Heart

First development

Eco Drive

“It’s a great project that showcases brilliant collaboration between organisations and meets all of the climate change requirements, whilst also shining a spotlight on the region.” - Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands

You can see the interim report of our first development Eco Drive, by clicking on the button below. It covers everything from the cost, design and construction, to the lessons learnt and recommendations going forward:

Interim report

Our second development, Elvetham Road, was featured in the BBC series, We Are England. In the programme, ex pro-footballer Scott Golbourne and his business partner were shown the technology we used, to learn about ways they can lower their tenants' bills, while they develop 20 sustainable properties of their own. You can see the episode here – Money and Me: A Home without Bills? (starting at 21:25 in the programme).

Ground-breaking and market-leading piece of research that we are proud to be involved with.

Cliff Fudge, H+H Director – External Affairs

This project is a collaboration between product suppliers, academic researchers from Birmingham City University, specialist contractors, architects, local building contractors, and the Building Alliance. Without your support, this would not be possible and we'd like to thank everyone of you.

If you’d like to find out more about Project 80, you can email

We are honoured to have been part of the Project 80 journey alongside so many industry leading experts.

Jonathan Jennings, Chief Business Development Officer at Glen Dimplex