Shared Ownership sales success

Earlier this month, our 150th new shared ownership home was handed over to a very happy customer in Houlton, Rugby.

11th Mar 2022 - Developments

Since May last year, we’ve grown our Sales and Marketing team to meet our increasing development programme for shared ownership homes, which has risen from 100 per year to almost 200 homes per year. The team have recently sold their 150th shared ownership home and hit a key milestone.

We recently introduced an off-plan sales approach and have gradually introduced the use of Computer-Generated Images (CGI’s), marketing new homes 3-6 months before hand over and reserving homes off plan around 2-3 months prior to hand over. This means we can ensure our customers are all set to move in as soon as the property is ready.

James Baker, Head of Sales and Marketing

IT manager, Kevin, recently got the keys to his three-bed home in Kings Heath near Birmingham and moved in with his partner. They bought 60% of the property using the Shared Ownership scheme. Both in their mid-50s, Shared Ownership offered the couple a secure route into home ownership in a location near to the bustling Kings Heath high street.

They love the diversity of the area, the range of restaurants, a lovely church and a beautiful park on the doorstep with several others within walking distance. The house itself is a perfect size and there is a lovely homely feel about the whole house which they now call ‘home’. 

Kevin said: “This will not only be a home for us but it will also be a focal point for both sets of families to come together. It will be an open house that everyone can come and enjoy time in.

“This would not have been possible without the shared ownership scheme which was quite a straightforward process.

“Having a stake in our home means more stability and it makes better financial sense as we’re paying less rent. We will hopefully be able to save and staircase up to own more of the house in years to come.”