Our partnership with Arcadis

Working closely with a variety of partners is key to the success of our corporate plan, Making What Matters Brilliant.

24th May 2021 - Developments

We know that the Midlands needs more affordable housing, and our strategic partnerships help us to build as many new, high quality and truly affordable homes as we can.

We've been working with one of our partners, Arcadis, for more than 20 years. They've supported our ambition to provide thousands of new homes across by the Midlands by sourcing over 50 new development opportunities for us over the years. As part of their role, Arcadis also provides us with an inspection service to ensure our new builds are of high quality and have minimal defects.

Arcadis delivers sustainable design, engineering and consultancy solutions and has a focus on maximising their impact to improve quality of life. Their solutions address important societal changes around resilience, places and mobility.

Our partnership with Arcadis is key to us delivering affordable housing that’s fit for the future and has our customers in mind. Recently, Arcadis supported us with our site on Kings Road, Birmingham by acting as Employers Agent and Clerk of Works. Their support in representing us pre- and post-contract has been invaluable, as have their inspections of our homes to ensure we’re delivering a high standard to our customers.

Tony Hopkin, Head of Construction & Quality at Midland Heart

The site on Kings Road will see 47 new homes brought to Kings Heath, all for rent and shared ownership, in partnership with Countryside Properties.

Darren Clarke, Director at Arcadis, said: “The UK urgently needs to build more homes, and our role in finding suitable sites and ensuring that homes are of the highest standard has been integral in helping Midland Heart to meet this challenge.

“With tighter regulatory requirements coming into force, particularly when it comes to reducing carbon emissions and ensuring that homes are ‘net-zero ready’, finding innovative ways to meet ambitious sustainability standards in particular is key. Whether that’s by looking at the fabric of the building, or incorporating innovative new heating and ventilation systems, our role working alongside Midland Heart has been central to driving consistent quality standards and helping to align with all the other partners involved in delivery.”    

Tony added: “Arcadis also introduced us to Jelson Homes, who we’re now working in partnership with to build over 80 affordable homes in Shepshed and Mountsorrel in Leicestershire. They’ll also be working as Purchasers Agent with us on these sites too.”