Silver award win for Armed Forces support

We’ve been given the Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award by the Ministry of Defence.

9th Aug 2021 - Corporate news

The Ministry of Defence’s Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) acknowledges organisations that have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and has kept its promise to make sure that those who serve or have served in the armed forces, along with their families, are treated fairly and with respect.

We're just one of 41 organisations across the West Midlands to receive the Silver Award this year, due to strengthening our ties with the Armed Forces and developing policies and support for colleagues who are considered members of the Armed Forces Community (including veterans/leavers, serving reservists, and spouses of serving members of the regular or reserve forces).   

Some of our support includes:

  • Actively promoting the work of the Armed Forces Reserves, the benefits of serving as a Reservist, and the support Reservist colleagues receive if they work for us. We also provide links so that colleagues can actively research and identify their local Royal Navy, Army and RAF Reserve units and encourage them to contact them directly should they be interested in finding out more.

  • Supporting colleagues who are serving reservists by granting additional leave to accommodate annual training camps.

  • Offering flexibility in granting leave for service spouses and partners before, during and after a partner’s deployment.

  • Working closely with local Army Officers to develop a leadership development programme for colleagues, through which they’ll gain expert insights into leadership styles, supporting colleagues, and managing teams under pressure.

We’re incredibly proud to support this programme, not only because Armed Forces personnel can bring a breadth of skills to our organisation but to support those who continue to contribute to the service of the country.

Read further information about the Employer Recognition Scheme and Armed Forces Covenant