Midland Heart publishes Gender Pay Gap and Ethnicity Pay Gap reports

For the second consecutive year, we are proud to be amongst the few employers that are publishing their Ethnicity Pay Gap.

17th Jan 2023 - Corporate news

We have published our ethnicity and gender pay gaps for 2022. These provide a snapshot of the difference between our hourly pay for colleagues from an ethnic minority background compared to white colleagues and between our female and male colleagues. 

The pay gaps are useful markers to measure progress and understand the drivers, so we can take actions that create meaningful change.

The most recent reports show our mean Ethnicity Pay Gap has reduced, from 10.80% in 2021 to 10.71% in 2022. This is reflective of the actions we have taken to address our Ethnicity Pay Gap, including investing in our Black Colleague Development Programme, and engaging with and listening to colleagues within our Inclusion Networks.

In a turbulent year in the labour market, our gender pay gap has increased since our 2021 report. We acknowledge we are in a challenging candidate-driven market where employers are finding it difficult to recruit, and the impact this has had on this year’s report.

Positively, we have recruited a higher ratio of females than males in the upper middle quartile, growing our pipeline of talent into senior leadership for the future. Our focus remains to develop our high performing females into future leaders and we launched our first Female Development Programme last year. We anticipate this will improve female representation at leadership level and reduce our Gender Pay Gap.

Baljinder Kang, Executive Director of Corporate Resources, said, “We are investing in our colleagues to develop an internal pipeline of talent that enables us to grow both our black and female leaders of tomorrow. Our colleague development programmes ensure that our high performing women and black colleagues have tailored support designed to get them ready for more senior roles. As a direct result of this, some colleagues have already moved into higher paid roles, with 30% of those who completed this development in September securing promotions.”

We are proud of the actions we are taking to address our Ethnicity and Gender Pay Gaps, and are confident if we retain our efforts, our Gender Pay Gap will once again move in the right direction.

You can read our Ethnicity Pay Gap and Gender Pay Gap reports here.