Our annual results

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    Financial Statements 2022-2023

    Our focus has resulted in a steady improvement in tenant satisfaction, increased investment in the comfort and safety of our homes, and being on target to build and acquire 4,000 affordable homes by 2025.

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    Financial Statements 2021-2022

    We enter the second half of our corporate plan, Making What Matters Brilliant having built our second highest number of new homes, with a customer satisfaction of 90%.

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    Financial Statements 2020-2021

    Throughout the year we have consistently stayed ahead of the curve acting swiftly, and before restrictions mandated, to keep our customers and colleagues as safe as possible while maintaining the services they rely on.

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    Financial Statement 2019-2020

    In April 2019, we launched our new corporate plan Making What Matters Brilliant which centres on delivering first class core landlord services, delivering a marked increase in the level of new affordable homes built and ensuring we take pride in being a good employer, becoming somewhere people aspire to work.

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    Financial Statement 2018-2019

    Delivered one year ahead of schedule, this year was the final year of our Fit for the Future corporate plan. It was born out of a need to change and adapt to a new external environment.

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    Financial Statement 2017 2018

    Covering the second year of our Fit for the Future corporate plan, these financial statements demonstrate the financial and operational benefits that have been delivered. This has been a record year of achievement across the organisation.

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    Financial Statement 2016-2017

    When I wrote the foreword to our 2016 financial statements, I talked about the fact that we had just signed off our Fit for the Future Corporate Strategy, which was designed to help Midland Heart respond to the new operating environment and to continue to grow and thrive.

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    Financical Statement 2015 2016

    We signed off our 2015 financial statements in July last year, only days after the budget. At that time, it was clear that our operating environment was about to change rapidly, and that has certainly proved to be the case in the months since the budget.