Midland Heart marks Black History Month virtually

Being an inclusive organisation is important to us and we’re proud to have a diverse workforce and customer base.

4th Nov 2020 - Corporate news
By  Sarah O'Leary

We’re keen to listen to our Black colleagues and make tangible changes to improve both colleague and customer experience here at Midland Heart.

This October, we’ve been marking Black History Month (BHM) with our colleagues through a number of online events, activities and videos from people across the business and with the help of important guest speakers.

Over 30 colleagues helped to plan our Black History Month agenda which was made up of four key themes:

  • Black history in the UK
  • Current affairs and modern issues
  • What can you do
  • Black successful history

The month started with an interview between Michael Farrell, Senior Estates Officer and Chair of the Black History Month Planning Group, and Glenn Harris, our Chief Executive, where they discussed how we’re combatting racism and discrimination within the organisation.

Other activities included a Gogglebox-style video where colleagues reacted to the George Floyd documentary ‘8 minutes and 46 seconds’, a ‘Cultural and Ancestral Historical Legacies’ webinar with Selena Carty, Founder of Black Poppy Rose, and a session on Black health and wellbeing with Carol Cooper, Regional NHS Head of Equality, Diversity and Human Rights.

On top of this there were many blogs, articles and resources shared on our intranet by our colleagues.

Black History Month was a chance for all colleagues to get involved, to talk, discuss, engage and share experiences to build bridges to move forward. Even under the COVID-19 restrictions, we managed to put on a great agenda and the engagement has been amazing. Thank you to everyone who helped shape the month and those who got involved.

Michael Farrell, BHM planning group Chair

Whilst Black History Month celebrations come to an end this week, this is just the start of the conversation and we’ll continue to listen and take action.